How long you usually stretch?

Linda U.
I usually take 15 to 20 minutes. I like to work from the bottom up. Imagining im using energy from the ground this also helps me prepare to meditate.

Daniel C.
I have made it part of my exercise routine so once i finish that i go straight into stretches and have made up a short 2 mins (Roughly) stretching routine.

Shawn O.
I stretch ffor 2 minutes every couple hours when I have a moment, like when Im watching for the microwave or while deciding what to wear. I dont try to make sure its a whole 2 minutes exactly, Im not gonna stess about details, the point is that you move your body and get your blood flowing

Terry Z.
No more than 5 minutes, usually less. I'm not very good with cool down stretches. I would like to build a cool down routine to help with this