Does it actually help to stretch?

Scarlett J.
Personally, I think it makes you feel much better in the mornings because you don't feel as tense afterwards as you do right after you get out of bed. Stretching just feels good and is good for your body and flexibility. It also doesn't take too long.
Noah Y.
It really does. Stretching doesnt just make you feel good, it has many proven benefits. Stretching helps increase blood flow and overall energy levels. It helps reduce stress and reduces back pain. It offers greater flexibility which can have its own fun benefits ;). It also helps improve posture which is not only good for your long term health but also helps promote confidence and strength.
Principiano P.
Stretching every day is very good for your body. It helps loosen your muscles and it also helps clear your mind. Stretching out your muscles makes it less likely to injure them but make sure your muscles are warm first by doing some jogging or burpees.
Victoria O.
Stretching is very important of you’re doing sports. Also stretching helps with joint mobility and make the muscles more elastic. One or two minutes of stretching in the morning helps me wake up and feel more energized.
Emeline C.
Yes it does, when you I I to you might’ve feel terrible but when ypu finish it’s pretty great feeling, kinda like a newborn hahah you’re so elastic and ready to do everything
Anna A.
Yes, if you do it consistently and actually hold the stretches for decent periods of time you will notice your flexibility change over time.