Does dancing count as stretching?

C Me Y.
I think it really depends on how you dance- for me, dancing is usually more like cardio- a bunch of uncoordinated jumping around. For others, it might be more like stretching- a smooth lengthening of the muscles.
Christoph X.
Dear Fabulous friend 🍀 I believe that yes, dancing counts as stretching. Especially if you transit from slow melodies to more energetic and dynamic. It helpsyo warm up, stretch and tone up the muscles.
Wishing you a great day đź’•
Emil B.
Absolutely! Dancing gets your limbs loose just like stretching or exercise. You just may want to do some traditional stretching before and/or after depending on your usual level of activity.
Arianna U.
No but it’s counts as physical activity! Ballet might sort of count but I think stretching before dancing would help make dancing better
Lilian Y.
I’d count dancing as a form of exercise more than a form of stretching. Because at least for me, to really feel stretched out, I have to hold the stretch for an extended period of time. With dancing, any kind of stretching that happens is very short and therefore I wouldn’t class it as stretching
Jacob X.
I would say so as you would stretch your muscles whilst in the movement of dancing. Although if you were to dance to a moderate extent you might hurt yourself through not stretching properly beforehand.
Eloane Y.
Vai depender do tipo de dança. Claro que conta como exercício mas será necessário ter cuidado coma forma como acordamos os músculos
Nicoline E.
Yes. When we dance, we move a lot of muscles. Basically, Streaching is a lot of muscle movement. The difference probably is that dance is unorganized Stretching.