My meals are generally healthy and I always have fruit on-hand for snacks. I am often tempted by chocolate, rice cakes, and other things which are high in sugar. Any tip on how to say no and pick the healthy option?

Katrin U.
So whenever I am craving something sweet I will usually grab fruits and try to make myself busy so I don’t think about it so much. This helps me be more productive. It also helps me with self control.
Nikola O.
I’m exactly the same way! The best advice I have is don’t buy the stuff that tempts you (if its not in the house, you can’t be tempted). Also make sure the healthy stuff is as quick and easy to grab as the processed sugary food. Chop veggies, wash berries, etc.
Carla O.
Think about why are choosing to be healthy. Essentially, your WHY. Will it tempt you to continue to eat more sugar? Most fruit have sugar in it as while and a small treat here and there isn't bad. It's if you will be able to come back to being healthy.
Nicoline Z.
I try to eat the fruit or veggies first and then if I’m still having a craving I will have a sweet. I keep small chocolates, chocolate covered açaí berries, and trail mix with chocolate on hand. I have a small bowl (holds about one cup) and I put a few pieces in it. That’s what I allow myself. If I’m still having a craving after that, I ask myself what is wrong. I stress eat so it forces me to face whatever is bothering me. The small bowl is beneficial because I don’t have the whole bag in front of me. I have a visual of how much is left and I savor it.
Dursun Q.
I have the same problem and I am learning to chew my food slowly and be mindful of what I am putting in my mouth so that I won't feel as hungry later and reach for unhealthy snacks. Also I have set myself up where there are healthy snacks in my view and easily on hand so that if I want a snack I only have something healthy to choose. Another thing I do is to visualize myself making healthy food choices before I go to sleep and upon waking. Stay Fabulous 😊
Tara G.
To clinsh my fists, voor drie minuten en zeg hardop mijn fitness doelen.
Al s il wil mag il snoepen.
Een appel en of peer is ook heerlijk.
Joseph Y.
Create a food diary. Every time you eat something write it down. Look at it at the end of one week. You'll be surprised how much we snack and self awareness is the first step to correction.
Jason P.
I personally like water and chewing gum. You can also take the little but snack packs and the chocolate Morsels, about 6-8 pieces are perfect, popcorn. 100 calorie snack bags