What kind of stretch routine do you find most beneficial?

Louella Q.
Yoga is most efficient day to day, so I’ll usually do a bit of that either on my own or from a YouTube video. But if I can, I have a whole shower-stretch-face mask routine that I do. I light candles and take a hot shower, then do some stretches. Then I do a moisturizing face mask. I feel so good afterwards!

Karla Z.
I have been going on You tube and trying different routines and instructors to find what works best for me. Do use your judgement though as not all of them are qualified and knowledgeable

Bobbie E.
I have a wide range of stretches, varying from toes to my neck. If there’s a particular spot on your body you feel needs to be stretched, you should look it up on google I’m sure there’s an answer