What’s your easiest and most effective stretching routine?

Leni F.
I do sun salutations and cat cow stretches or whatever those are called. I always feel refreshed after 3 sun salutations and chaturangas.
Ian N.
Doing the stretching in bed, right after I take my drink of water. Putting on relaxing music while I’m stretching, meditating and yoga.
Kelly Y.
in the morning i do a 5 min stretching routine that contains a standing twist, arm shoulder stretch, big arm circle, trunk circle, standing hip circle, front thigh stretches, and a cool down stretch! it takes no time and gets me ready for the day ☺️ at night i do an 8 min stretching routine beginning with a cool down stretch, going into an arm shoulder stretch, triceps stretch, anterior shoulder stretch, standing side bend, trunk circle, standing hamstring stretch, pigeon stretches, reclined bound angle pose, cobra pose, and ending with a back stretch! this routine rly relaxes me.. i spend 30 secs. on each pose/stretch!
Roseli P.
As I set the time for when I work, it's easiest for me to stretch on a big bouncy ball. I take 1-5 minutes to roll and lay on my back and then do some simple counterposes.
Ugo E.
Every morning I start with rotating my ankles. Hamstring stretches to get my legs warmed up. I work my arms and side stretchs. I only do a couple of squats & work my way into a full leg stretch (goal) touching the floor. Always, start with my knees bent.
I am able to put
my hands flat the floor by mid-day. I've have always been a flexible individual, in regards to muscles. The most successful stretching routine for me is what I need and what works for me at the time. I have never been a person to stick to a strict regimen. I always mix it up. That way I look forward to what I need to do without hurting myself or overdoing it.
Caroline W.
I build up tension and tight muscles in my upper legs and upper back.
So while brushing teeth I do a range of isometric upper body stretches.
And in evening with alternate foot on desk a range of yogic postures to balance any sedentary tightness
Stella F.
10min streaching routin was very helpful for me. every each time i do really feel grateful to the fabulous team. thank u deeply & truly♥
Wiltrud W.
I enjoy the ten minute stretch in the fabulous app. It’s long enough that it feels like it actually does something, but short enough that I can make time for it before work.
Ole F.
There’s a few morning wake up stretch routines that you can do before even getting out of bed. Then just any stretches to loosen up
Madjer P.
Для себя я нашел пару моментов. Во первых после пробуждения, еще лежа в кровати, максимально потянуться, сесть и повернуться влево вправо, размяв поясницу. Потом через час после пробуждения 15-30мин разминка, растяжка шеи, повороты, наклоны. И в третьих ближе к вечеру часов в 20:00 разминка на остановке когда жду поезд, отжимания от лавочки обратным хватом
Analice Z.
I love doing Lillaths yoga tapes. It’s an easy and relaxing stretch. She walks me through each step of the way. It like having your own yoga teacher/freind in the room.
Emanuele Q.
I think touching your toes is the most effective way to stretching. It it get your legs going and you arms going. It also encourages you to reach your goal. (Or in this case your toes).
Vicki N.

This is a time saver. I stretch everyday to this now.