What kind of stretches do you do in the morning?

Yanis E.
I reach for the sky and then down to my toes holding each for several seconds and moving slowly from one to the other. Then I do side bends to the right and left followed by side twists right and left to look behind me.
Lana N.
The easiest for me is to stretch while I'm still in the bed. I can sit up, stretch my calves and thighs. Bending forward with my arms outstretched is my lower back. Then sitting up again to stretch my arms, both left and right, then shoulders. Loosens me up before ever even having to get outta the bed…of course a cup of coffee is recommended lol! Happy stretching!!
Mason A.
I do basic yoga movements like: downward dog, child pose, sun salutation. Sit in a squat position. Finally, I foam roll any tight or sore spots.
Ella G.
Slow side bends, neck and shoulder stretches. Whatever I feel my body needs. I bought a visual stretching book that gives me good ideas so I can pick which ones work for me that day.
Heather T.
I like to do lunges and sit with my legs apart for about 10 minutes every morning. It's been helping me a lot recently and I love it so much.
Art E.
I stretch my back and neck to elongate my spine and pull my neck into place. I love my side stretches they feel soooo good on my hips and low back area. I stretch side ways and it opens up the rib cage on both sides. I always feel much more alert and my body feels energized when I’m done.
Sally Z.
Simple ones. I do a 1 minute stretch the first thing after I wake up. I stretch both my legs, then sit & reach, then legs across, then arms across, then arms over head, then arms across back, then a back stretch and then side to side neck stretch. Then I get up and stretch my body length with arms up along a wall, both sides. I do each stretch with a count of 8.
Caitlin W.
I just do basic stretches to wake up my joints. Shoulder and neck rolls feel good to me, and side bends and some forward and back bends. One minute goes quickly!
Nadia O.
Because I can not get up and down off the floor, I do stretches on the bed.
Lay pillows under my back…raise stretch arms above, to sides, rotating them as my legs hang over the bed…knees bent (this stretches my lower back…by pulling on it…my upper back and neck by pulling on my upper torso. I do have bands that I will start using. I also have a new cardio machine that I use as watching tv. It helps with my core and is not weight bearing….which is a great thing for my feet and kneesβ£οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»