What stretch routine do you do in the morning?

Robin Y.
After my morning exercidas i spend about 5 minutes doing stretches like stretching my arms behind my back and against the wall, for the legs i sit down and pull my chest towards my feet and hold for 60seconds then i get up and raise my legs to the top of a chair then i grab my foot and stretch from there.

Edeltrud Y.
I like to do a forward fold in the morning. It makes me aware of the tension I have in my neck and hamstrings. I take deep breaths and feel my body relax into the fold each exhale.

Cory S.
I do all kinds of stretches for my lower body and upper body and for my waist. But my favorites are:
Sphinx pose
Cat/cow stretch
Lizard pose
Child’s pose

Proc Pio P.
As soon as I wake I start a stretch routine whilst in bed. This helps my body to wake up.
I start with flexing my toes, feet and ankles and work my way up my body tensing and relaxing and stretching muscles and joints. This kind of replaces ‘hitting snooze’ for me.
I then sit on edge of the bed stretching my upper body some more twisting and bending.
It feels as though I am releasing trapped chemicals in parts of my body which then start working to make me feel better. I’m not so stiff then as I head to the bathroom where I do a few more standing stretches. I now feel ready to take dog for a long walk or even hit the gym.
All I have to do now is wake up my brain and I’m set for the day 🙂

Finn O.
In the mornings, I do a quick but effective strech. By starting with my feet I work my way up my body. Since I dance I have to prepare my feet and shoes so that I am ready for dance. Then I touch my toes and hold my position for a minute . Then i do lunges and work on my posture and arms.

Teresa Z.
Ik start with stretching my shoulders. After that I Prefer to do a Mill with breathing Technosies. By sitting on thé toilet I stretch my Beck > very good for eyes ad we'll 😁

Mattie P.
I was trying to do the shortest one but honestly the longer the stretches has me so much more Justice when I stretch them wanting it makes me feel better the entire day

Rachel S.
Before i get out of bed in morning i do calf stretching, "ties up & down"-"leg lifts"-may even move to side & do "side leg lifts"-all of these will kinda get you motivated to do more when getting out of bed. Then can "do toe touching"–"side bending"'–

R My Q.
I've been using Fitness Blender's Easy Warm Up Cardio. It's only 5 mins long, but it gets your heart rate up. I like it because it fits right into my simple workout routine. Not so long that you're discouraged from exercising and not so short that you doubt you got a workout in.