The stretch routine in my morning ritual has defaulted to only 60 seconds long. What’s the right way to try to get value out of only 60 seconds of stretching?

R My Y.
Personally I find that I get myself set up BEFORE my 60 seconds begins. Meaning if I'm going to sit on the floor I make sure I'm comfortable or if I'm going to be moving around i clear a good space.
Then in the 60 seconds I turn everything into a stretch, even when I'm changing between stretches I make sure it does something.
If you feel you didn't stretch enough in 60 seconds then it's never a bad thing to do more.
Madison Z.
Try to have a short meditation moment during that stretch and make sure you stretch all of your muscles to make sure it gets your blood flowing well. Maybe increase it to 2 minutes or two sets of 1 minute. One when you first get up and then another before you leave the house.
Yann E.
1 minute is really short so I’d recommend doing what feels good and what makes sense for you.
If you were sitting down all day, stretch your lower back for instance.
But I’d advise you to stretch for a longer period of time.
Noham T.
Stretch the muscles you use most in the day and that you most want to loosen. Tesion spots and such. I go with core/back, hamstrings and quads, and a few good pulls and rotations in the shoulders. They don't have to be long stretches, a few rapid fire hits for each is also effective.
Teresa N.
Try to stretch multiple parts of your body at the same time. For example. I will reach up to the sky and stretch that way to relax my sides and arms while twisting at the waist to release pressure in my back. Or you could reach down to your toes to flex your back while rolling your neck back and forth to loosen it up a bit. Aside from that, just try to do stretches like *that* and in a snap, move on. Don’t spend necessary time stretching your elbows or toes or body parts that you might not really need. If you are sore from a workout or something, then that’s different. Make sure to only put time into stretching muscles that need it. Hope this helps, sweetie! 😘
Reingard F.
I think the idea is to just get you up, awake, and ready for the day. 60 seconds get people thinking "I can do that." Therefore, if you stretch longer and it works for you, then do it. But, if you have a busy morning know that you are getting benefits out of just 60 seconds.
Franz Xaver W.
Target the areas that are problematic for you and that don’t move most of the day – e.g., Yoga Down Dog can tackle hamstrings, shoulders and back.
Olivia N.
I just stretch my back, Beck and since those are sore from sleeping when i wake up. Curious about your routine. Could you post it to fb?
Suzana Q.
Find the streatches that do the most for you and hold them for 15-30 seconds each. That may push your streatching time longer but to get the most out of a streatch you need to hold it for a minimum of 15 seconds
Martin F.
I'm not sure this is even a possibility. Maybe? But one should hold a stretch for at least 15-30 seconds. So, one would only be able to complete 2-4 stretches per one minute session. That estimate would include very little time to transition from one stretch to another. Maybe this was a mistake on the designer's side? You can absolutely change the default to what works for you, though. I personally do the 10 minute guided stretch provided in this app.