What breathing techniques can you do?

Cindy U.
I often do it with my eyes closed and count to 4 second to breathe in and stop for 2 second then breathe out and stop again for 2 second only continue the next circle. I repeatedly doing it for up to 4 or 6 times every day and night.

Bria N.
I do guided breathing exercises when I meditate through my Samsung Health app. It's extremely helpful when I'm anxious or have racing heart!

Ilan E.
I like to inhale 5 and exhale 5 for a steady and calming breath. Another one I want to practice more is called box breathing where you inhale through your nose 4, hold 4, exhale out your mouth 4, hold 4 and repeat the cycle so I can recharge

Christine Z.
I start with a deep breath filling my lungs to their capacity. As I breathe in I imagine energy flowing from the tip of my my head to my toes. As I release I imagine bad energies or negative feelings leaving me, not focusing on them but rather releasing tension in my physical body. As I continue breathing I try to regulate and take equal breaths each time. I do this till I feel more relaxed and look for things like tension leaving my shoulders and anxiety leaving my mind.