How long does it take to have a flexible body when stretching/doing yoga?

Melina Q.
I don’t do yoga. I am limited to how much I can do because of a herniated disc and sciatica. So my stretches and even exercises are limited.
Nathaniel N.
It all depends on how long you do it. I think there are some research on google that states how much improvement you can see if you stretch one muscle for one minute every day.
Tomas S.
I’d say don’t go more than a few days between stretching or you’ll have to build the flexibility back up. Within a few days of stretching you’ll start noticing a difference.
Karla G.
I wouldn’t know because I just started taking classes and I sure am not flexible. Practice, motivation and patience is the key.
Alma W.
Well I think it depense how much do you work. If you’re really trying to do your best, you could have flexible body in about 20-30 days.
Terrence N.
Well , I have been practicing yoga for a year and a half now . And for me yoga is not only about flexibility but also about precision . And so for me it is a path of continuous improvement
Victor A.
Every body is different, I would say take your time and enjoy the journey of discovering your own body’s limits. Not everyone can bend into a pretzel in 3 weeks.. I myself am stiff as a board and if I don’t stretch for a week it’s back to square 1. It’s all about practice and persistence, but the light at the end of that tunnel BRIGHT honey 😉
Emilie G.
Depends on what you mean by flexible body 😄. First results are usually noticeable either right away or in 3-4 lessons (depending on how well one feels their body and how much have they done of any sports before), of course, those results might not be what one expects! 🙂 Generally, I'd say after 6 weeks of everyday or fairly regular practice, things should happen… Judging by my experience of 20 years with yoga and Taiji.
Alena Z.
Depending on your starting level and target level. If you are already familiar to everything but just have to increase flexibility, it can go quite fast. If you go past your limits everytime you can reach certain flexes (like a split) within a couple of weeks. Do note that this is not the correct way, you get quick results but you also risk injuries.
If starting from scratch, set certain goals, like standing up and touching toes with legs straight, next do it while sitting, put head between knees while sitting, learn the bridge pose, get your balance in check (crane pose works well for this) by that time you'll have a general idea of flexibility and the development of it and the different muscle groups used in which stretching exercise. To reach actual gymnast flexibility from scratch and not make it your daily work will take multiple months if not years. General exercising also helps a lot (cardio + strength training) as it works the muscles and more muscle means stronger connections means better core and nicer poses = less risk of injury.
Goodluck and stay fabulous!
Luna E.
I personally think it is different for every person. Some might get flexibel in a a few week but others may need a few months or even a year. The most important here is to not give up and to keep going. After a while you will see the results and you will be so happy you kept stretching/doing yoga even though you progressed so slowly in the beginning.
Marcus W.
Flexible it is the opposite of rigid, so you need to move and stretch or you will break Like a rigid tree that leaves when the winds are very strong because it has no flexibility, so flexibility it is important in you body as in your mind.
Lic Nio T.
Well I'm not qualified to answer that question. However, past experience would lead me to believe 30 days would absolutely show you a change. You may see changes earlier but you really should be able to notice something significant after 30 days of continuous building on the habit.
Maja Z.
When practicing daily, you will start feeling the difference after a month or 3.
Try to put variation in the exercise to strengthen different parts of the body and to keep motivated.
Marleen Q.
It doesn't necessarily depend on the time. It's the quality. If you stretch daily and push yourself even more, then you get a flexible body.
Victoria J.
You will start to feel the difference in 2 to 4 weeks if you practice 5 days a week. But you will get more flexible over time as you practice all depends the time you spend to practice.
Romane Y.
It takes time and it all depends on the person. Just keep going and you will notice the changes in flexibility one random day
Leonor F.
I am pretty young so my body is pretty flexible already but I was able to do the side splits in a few weeks from just stretching my legs for about five minutes daily.
Her Dia Z.
3 weeks is the average and it also depends on the person's physique. For someone who have never done any stretching and has higher fat ratio to muscle, I believe they might struggle at first but will soon find it easy after 3 weeks.
Emily W.
You see the biggest changes in the first 6-8 weeks of a training programme however I’ve practiced yoga for a number of years and continually improve…