Exercise is not getting well with my habit system, what can I do to instill such habit?

Lison Y.
Repetition, repetition and repetition. When I fall off the wagon regarding a habit, I start all over again until I get tired of starting over. Then, I become determined to continue with the habit. I also ask myself “Why am I doing this?” In my case, I do it to become a better person, to take care of myself, and to develop discipline.

"Perseverance is the secret of all triumphs." Victor Hugo

Wade U.
Maybe you can just prepare your things the night before, set out your shoes and set an alarm to some music. Then when you wake up you will be reminded that you have to exercise. 🥳 You can do it!

Rosa C.
Try to find a way to exercice while doing the other habits. For example, if you have to stay in front of a computer, you can sit on a gym ball and work out your core, or when you cook pasta, squat or do push up while they cook, take the stairs to work instead of the elevator (even just one or two floors)….

Reinhilde X.
Start small. Do it for at least 1 min a day. Start with a 30sec plank exercise and then after some days you'll start getting hang of those exercises and you'll eventually start doing it on a regular basis. Exercising daily is addicting and fun!!