Is it better to stretch in the morning or in the evening?

Chizoba J.
It is better in the morning, because stretching will release the muscles and ligaments that may be tight from being stationary while you sleep. It also lengthens the muscles and make them supple for the day ahead. But if you can’t make time to stretch in the morning, and can only do it in the evening, by all means do your evening stretch. An evening stretch is better than no stretch at all. Keep supple, keep stretching.
Alfons E.
I prefer to stretch in the morning because it loosens me up for the rest of the day. But I would definitely try to stretch before and after a workout regardless of the time.
Elli C.
I don't think one is inherently better than the other but they serve different purposes. In the morning our bodies have been still and our muscles inactive for many hours. That means that we won't be our most flexible in the morning. The best way to stretch in the morning is gentle stretchs that are more dynamic (moving) rather than static (holding stretches). You want your stretching to help warm your muscles up which will help your body wake up and also help your muscles loosen. At night our muscles have been working all day and we're trying to calm the nervous system down. Holding stretches and breathing (being sure not to force the stretch) will help your muscles and your mind relax. I often stretch in the morning and at night because they serve different purposes. If your motivation is to be more flexible the best time to stretch is after a strength workout. Many folks don't realize this but stronger muscles are more flexible than weaker ones. If you muscle is weak your body with stiffen it to compensate for the weakness. So if you want to be flexible combining strength exercises with stretching after when your muscles are warm is your best bet. I hope that helps! I did a yoga teacher training a few years ago so that's actually a topic I know a decent amount about.
Artemis C.
Do a little on either end of the day. To stretch out in perpetration for the day, get your blood flowing. And to ease the tension from the day to prepare for a comfortable sleep
Morana N.
Whenever you feel like it, just do it 🙂 With time you can discover when does it suit you better. Many people like to stretch in the morning, to wake up and start the day refreshed and energized, some like to do it mid-day, as a break, and some do yoga in the evening, to relax before going to sleep. Some people have a hard time falling asleep after some workout, so you’ll have to figure it out yourself via experimenting with different times of the day.