How do you maintain your habit over the weeekend or when travelling away from home? I do yoga in the morning for stretch and exercise and I always struggle to do it over the weekends or when I’m not at home.

Steve P.
Do you plan out in advance where and when you will do it? This will help to avoid you skipping your routine. Also, do you communicate this in advance to your travel buddies? Expectation management is very important. It also helps them giving you the space you need, and can even let them stimulate you doing your routine!
Sam F.
I try my best to keep to a routine, even when away. Instead of hitting the gym like I do when at home, I go for a nice walk to a destination, and have a good stretch on waking.
Olivia Z.
I do appartement friendly workouts in my hotel room early in the morning before any of my companions are awake. For stretching I do not always do it, but I do it sometimes just before bed.
Miriam Y.
I use the workout program in the app, but you can use another app or program if you like it better. But when the alarm goes off I do the program, no matter what. Sometimes I really don't feel like doing it, but after you have done it you feel so much better!
Joshua J.
My exercise schedule is different each day. And I do take days off. So sometimes the exercise button gets checked, and others it’s the yoga button.
Hans J U.
Doing yoga at home helps to have a strong and consistent practice. YouTube has plenty of yoga videos of all durations that make it easy to do yoga almost anywhere!
Eleni Y.
I made this whole fabulous a habit. I do it everyday no matter what. It has brought me to a way better mind state, and a way of living. It relieves stress, and anxiety. I am totally satisfied with fabulous overall