Good stretches for lower back?

Sebastian T.
Standing with bent knees and folding ower your upper body, interlocking your elbows/hands and rock from side to side, then hold and breathe. Acctually its good to do some upwards faceing dog too, to balance the back! I'm a yogi, I know.
Rose Z.
A forward fold with soft knees is always good, just let your neck relax and head dangle. Another good one is child's pose. and finally, lay on your back, hug your knees into your chest and roll side to side gently, its like a little massage for your back. 🙂
Steph G.
Stand with your feet hip distance, and bend over with a bend in your knees. Grab your elbows or let your arms hang loose, and let your head fall heavy as well. An easy sway feels nice sometimes too.