What stretches do you normally do?

Cl Ia P.
My favourite stretches are from Yin Yoga. If I'm short of time I do a few spinal twists, forward bends and child's pose. Longer, I have a few videos from YouTube for 60 – 90 minute sessions. Yoga with Cassandra is probably my favourite site for different Yin workouts.
Clara C.
The stretches I normally do, are the ones before doing yoga as a warm up, to have more of a flexible body and core, i try my best to do it on a daily basis, which also improve my yoga practice day after another.
Bj Rn R.
Yoga! I never thought I would be a yoga person but I joined Corepower and their C2 classes are a great low impact strength and cardio workout disguised with intense stretching. Never looking back!
Selma N.
I do short yoga sequences. Sun salutation, or sometimes dedicated stretches for a specific area that is trouble me. I spend a lot of time in shoulder and back stretches because I spend a lot of time on the computer – so puppy pose, cat-cow, eagle arms, thread the needle etc.
Aynur U.
I stretch on my bed while waking for the day. I start with the butterfly, flow into a side to side stretch then I turn over to end with child's pose and open up to start my day in Asuna.
Apostolos F.
Normally, the first thing I do when I wake up is to step inside my slippers, and stretch.The technique I’m using is just the regular stretch moves they used to make you do at school in PE. Lessons!Just, keep your legs straight and try to touch them, for 20 seconds, then, take your arm over your shoulder and try to touch your back, etc. ….So, yeah, not something very different or special! 😅 I hope you find the perfect life for yourself!