How do you figure out what part of your body needs to stretch?

Sarah O.
I stretch my whole body and take extra time on the areas that feel sore. I tend to even stretch right before bed so everything gets stretched out.
Frederikke Z.
I just do the breathing exercise or some meditation and pay attention to my body and where there is tension or stiffness and then stretch that part.
Andy O.
I go through same 2 min each morning. Which I think covers tbe big muscle groups. If you feel aches or stiffness then they would be good to work on too
It S N.
All of your body needs to stretch specifically the parts the you workout and the parts the are sore are the most important to stretch
Rh P.
I had no idea at first. But then I started practicing with a yoga APP, and noticed some of the stretches are really difficult for me. Since the yoga is about the purpose of the stretch, so I know if I can be more flexible in those parts, my health condition can improve. That’s how I know which parts I have to stretch.
Ana I.
I would say find a good full body stretch, and do that. Where you feel the most stretch, is the area that needed to stretch.