What stretches would you reccomend in the evening, before bed?

Garance Z.
For the past 28 days, I have followed an evening routine on this app and for my 3 minute stretch, I just get on the floor and do these basic stretches:
Cow pose
Cat pose
Downward dog
Leg stretch
Child’s pose
Good luck! πŸ€ πŸ‘πŸ»
Nicoline B.
Years ago I used to do a gentle series of slow yoga-inspired stretches before bed. It would calm me down and ease me into sleep mode. I want to add that to my evening routine soon.
Emma B.
A standing hamstring stretch. In that stretch, try to lengthen your lower back and really sit in the stretch. Then slowly roll your back up to a standing position. Reach your arms over your head and clasp them. Slowly stretch back, then to each side.
Ralph E.
Always stretch after a quick warm up (jumping Jack's and running in one spot).
I do little calf raises, bend one knee in front of you and one on the floor, butterfly stretch, frog stretch, cobra pose and side stretches.
Kasper U.
Stretching is very important before sleeping as it helps to loosen the muscles and release the tension caused by the day's work. If you do a work that requires you to sit for a long period of time, you should definitely stretch your back and neck muscles. I will suggest you to do shoulder opener, cow cat pose, lumbar rotation and spinal rocking. Additionally you can also do cobra stretch, deltoid stretch, quad stretch, calf stretch and tricep stretch. It will help you to release the tension and to sleep well. It is really important to sleep well. You should block all of the light and distractions before going to sleep as it will stimulate the release of melatonin which will help ypu sleep better. You should invest in a good quality mattress. You should light a scented candle before sleeping ( lavender is the best one ). It will help you sleep and will release all the tension in your mind. Also before sleeping, meditate for some time. It will help you to get in the right state.
Follow these steps and you will have the best sleep ever.