How do you find ways to step out of your comfort zone?

L Rke P.
It’s actually really hard for me to do it, but I say “just do it” to myself and literally sometimes push myself to do things. I still find it so hard to step out of my comfort zone. I love my comfort but I know the only way to grow and learn is to get out of the zone and allow change to happen.
Tilly F.
Because I live with a lot of anxiety, I have to break the task down in manageable steps. For example, if we are talking about washing dishes, which is a simple task for some, I might have to reflect on each step.
1. Clear sink
2. Fill sink with hot water and soap.
3. I should be able to find the soap under the sink but if it's not, I can (find solution like ask someone)
4. I plan cutlery, then
cups, plates, then pots, etc
5. I plan the drying process and putting everything away.

It's a simple example but it's what I do for anything outside my comfort zone. Break it down, plan it out.

Christian X.
Trying something completely new isn’t always possible, nor desirable. One of the easiest ways to consistently step out of your comfort zone is to explore what you already enjoy doing by incorporating change. You like to edit videos, try a new editing software or editing style. You like to golf, try a new golf course. You enjoy cooking, try making a dish that involves ingredients you’ve never used before. This allows you to expand your horizons while doing the things you already love to do.
Marie U.
I try not to think on how I‘m going to do something, I‘m just doing it. The longer you think about smth, the more you don‘t want to do it.
Alexander E.
The most basic answer to this question is to cultivate the willingness to do the next right actionable step whatever it might be. The quality of the heart to be willing to look stupid, less than, to actually allow yourself to feel those feelings in front of other people because that's what is necessary for you to make progress in your life.
Alexandra Y.
I find ways by imagining that I am in a circle with all the things I feel comfortable with, and I want to do something outside of that circle. Sometimes it's as easy as taking a step forward, which is just to do it in real life, but sometimes it's as hard as lifting a 100 kilo metal door, which can take a whole breakdown before I can do it. But, I notice that both of those things are not impossible. So, that's how I step out of my comfort zone!
Erica F.
I make sure all my other comfort zones are in order. As much as possible, every thing else needs to be ticking along nicely.I prep myself and take deep breaths, I remind myself why I am doing things. I assess the risk of old behaviour and new behaviour, I reduce anxieties by reminding myself that new path is a better path, I check that I have my support people or structures in place. A support structure can be as simple as a routine. I begin my journey with a leap of calculated faith. I hope for the best outcome and remind myself not to be deterred if it doesn’t materialise. In my culture we have a saying, Aim for the stars, but if you settle, let it be to a lofty mountain 🏔
Alison E.
I remember I’m tired of procrastinating and shifting plans.

I remember I want to build discipline and gain momentum.

I remember I want to love and respect myself and success through kinetics will get me there.

I remember I need more money to live the life I want and I’m no more scared to go get it.

I also remember how I want to take great care of all my dearest ones.

I also remember that I want to impact my society positively and help the less privileged in order to spread love & kindness as a culture.

Cleusa Z.
Buy trying to step out a little, check how it feels, build up a bit confidence, and another step. Repeat the process. Similar to getting in the cold waters of the ocean, believing it will be painful in the beginning but it will feel great in the end.