What are effective stretches for reducing belly fat?

Sergio E.
None. You can’t get lean by stretching alone. You need to develop an eating plan and an exercise routine and even then it’s not possible to spot mark fat loss to just one area. Sorry.
Al Xis Q.
Stretching does not necessarily aid in reducing belly fat. Or any other kind of fat for that matter. Stretching in the morning,wakes up the muscles and pumps blood into them, in turn warming them up and preparing them for more strenuous activities. Once you have stretched and warmed up, then you are ready to perform other exercises such as running, HIIT or yoga; some of which, will help reduce your body fat content. With the body warmed up from stretching, there is lesser chance of muscular injury.
In conclusion, stretching is more of a wake up and prep. activity, than a fat burning routine!
Elo Se N.
To reduce belly fat you need to do a lot more than stretches. When trying to lose fat you need to combine stretches with an exercise routine, a good diet with a calorific deficit and plenty of water. Once you have worked out a good routine, the best stretches to target the belly are ones that work on your abs and obliques, twists and rocking your torso side to side.
Laura A.
I would think any of the twists in yoga would work to tighten the belly muscles – making them appear more flat. Boat and Superman’s also good for lengthening and tightening the entire core – front and back. Lastly – planks. They work in the entire core.