Should you stretch before a workout or after or both?

Cindy O.
If you’re new“I would say you should stretch it before more so than after. However I’ve read that stretching isn’t very good because people don’t always stretch long enough, that it’s better to use a long tube and rub it along your muscles to break up the adhesions and stretch out the muscles that way.
Molly J.
I stretch before to make sure I don’t pull a muscle and I have a ‘relax’ song at the end of my playlist to calm down, drink water, and to stretch. I don’t know the benefits but the day after I definitely feel a little less sore.
Benjamin N.
You should stretch after a workout, as your muscles will be warm and pliable. Stretching cold muscles opens you up to injury because the muscles aren’t pliable. Think about a Hershey chocolate bar. You break off a piece. Now it’s in your hand, and it starts melting. It spreads all over your hand. Your muscles are like this bar. When cold, it breaks. When warm, it melts and moves more easily.
Soline E.
You'll definitely want to stretch prior to a workout to prevent injury and to assist with warming you the body. Focus on key areas that you'll be working that day: if going for a run, be sure to stretch your quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, and even your ankles.

After your workout, your body will be warm and to prevent further injury, and to assist with working out any tightness in the muscles used, be sure to do a decent (i.e. 5 min or more) "cool down." Include stretches, active breathing, and allow your heart rate to slow down from the rate it was built up to during the workout.

Good luck!

Marie W.
Both. Before loosens your body to prepare for the workout, and after helps you recuperate making sure you don't intend up with any injuries
Alexander Y.
Stretch before and after the workout is the ideal way. However, when you are short of time, start with stretch is better.