What’s your favorite way to stretch?

Brittany F.
I stretch when I’m standing in the kitchen. I feel like I’m always in there whether I’m cleaning or making food for my kids.

Michaele E.
In the morning I do a spine roll. It’s where you lower your head into your chest and roll through your spine towards the floor, until you can almost hug your knees (or as much as is comfortable). I find it really loosens any morning tightness left from sleeping

Aleisha F.
My go-to stretch routine is similar to a cool-down stretch after exercising. I start with reaching above my head and doing a swan dive down to reach my toes allowing my back and spine to decompress and allowing my arms to either hang freely or hugging my elbows and gently rocking back and forth from my hips to release my lower back for a few minutes. I then release my arms and spread my feet hip’s-width distance and stretch into my right side over my leg for a few minutes. Then, I walk my hands through the middle and then stretch into my left side over my leg for a few minutes before returning to the middle and roll up slowly, one vertebrae at a time.