Do you think it’s more beneficial for you to stretch in the morning or at night?

Lisa O.
Can’t say. Morning stretch is more about waking up the body, evening or good night streching more about releasing tension of the day. I like both.
Arron C.
I think stretching in the morning reinforce your energy ; although , stretching before going to bed leads to better sleep.
Marvin U.
It's more beneficial for m to stretch early in the morning.. because I feel positivity…n reduce anxiety n tiredness..also boost stamina…
Erika U.
My opinion is to stretch in the morning. This is my opinion from the experience of having to try to squeeze in a lot of last minute things before I go to bed. And I just think that it's a lot better if you do it in the morning just to get it over with.
Layla F.
I like to stretch in the morning as I do breathing exercises to prepare me for the day. I find it both energising and relaxing as it wakes my body up from the night's rest. Ideally I would stretch too in the evening but I find that after a full day's work my evenings are packed with other things to do so I don't get the chance. I would rather make sure I get it done first thing before the hectik day gets going.
Lola T.
I’ve been stretching in the morning and it has helped me to face the day positively. I can be reluctant to get out of bed, but knowing I have to stretch helps get me going.
Keith B.
I think it’s better to stretch in the morning, because it’s like a little wake up call. It gets your body moving and up so you can stay productive and do what you have to do.
Louka N.
I like stretching in the morning because it lessens the surprise of finding a tight muscle during normal activity. But stretching at night relaxes me and allows me time to think about my day or plan for tomorrow. So, in terms of what’s better for me physically, I think morning stretching is ideal but in terms of my mental betterment, night stretching is more beneficial.
Jocelino F.
I prefer morning since I have back problems and need to work the kinks out from sleeping but afternoon works well too before a walk or exercise. Good luck on your journey!
Airton Z.
It's actually pretty even. When I stretch in the morning, it helps me loosen my muscles and helps my body wake up. My muscles are always really stiff and tired when I lie down to sleep, and stretching helps loosen them up again so it's easier to find a comfortable sleeping position.