How do you maintain a stretching routine?

Zoe J.
I tend do my stretches as soon as I wake up. This way it’s become like second nature for me now & you get your stretches done before the kids wake up or before anything else can interrupt 👍
Jeffery O.
Make it a priority. Schedule it into your day the way you would a business meeting. And focus on the positive outcome of it the good you were doing for your mind and your body. The more on time the routine can be the more chances of it setting as a commonality in your day
Mae J.
I don’t really have a stretching routine. I wake up knowing that it’s part of my ‘habit-building-schedule’
Whichever exercise comes to my head at that moment, I’ll do that. I don’t try to overhink it too much because that’ll just stress me out. But it definitely does feel good waking up in the morning and stretching for a minute or two:)
Josephine J.
I try to find ways to stretch. Be it either in bed on on my feet. Mostly for my shoulders that are slouching even on my sleep.
Antonietta G.
I normally do it after I wake up. Sometimes after I have breakfast I will sit, stretch and watch the news or part of a show. I try to get up early enough to fit it in to my routine. If I can't stretch for 15-30+ mins, then I will do a quick 5-10 min stretch before bed. I figure I'd be sitting on my phone in bed for 5- 10mins before I got to bed anyways. I figure I might as well swap out that habit for a quick stretch to help sleep.
Adelgunde O.
I just go through the muscles that are tightest first, and work my way through the body, it doesn't require a ton of space to stretch, unless you're long bodies like me. I work my legs the most then I stretch my core and hips, then arms and back. And I like to switch it up and do different things on different days.