How is the best stretching routine to get me relaxed at night?

Barry Y.
I usually spend 2-3 minutes lying flat on my back to check in with my body and see what needs attention that night. I like to make sure my muscles are slightly warm before stretching so a little light cardio for 5-8 minutes. And then I like to work from my legs up (larger muscles first while they're freshly warmed up) working muscle group by muscle group, focusing in feet , back, hands and neck ( where we're hold stress during the day). I try to end my evening stretching in dead man's pose to finally calm my muscles and my mind.
Edgar E.
If you want to relax before bed then start outside of bed doing light stretches then slowly do more stretches sitting up in bed and then roll down for the final stretches that get less intense and more relaxing to help unwind.
Thiago O.
I like to use stretching as a way to slow down physically and mentally. Concentrate on your breathing as you stretch and don’t rush. Just dedicate at least 10 minutes with no screens, no stimulation and relax before bed.