Does any one stretch for pain relief? Does it work?

Tracy S.
Yes it does, it enables your muscles to move, expand and contact, the reason why you might feel pain in the first place is because you don't use those muscles often enough. Stretching ensures you uses muscles and train them to get used to movement. So when you do have a task that requires those muscles, that training will make it that you don't feel pain anymore
Soham O.
I really would have been the first one to debunk this like to say no no it doesn't work but I'm telling you it does work stretching through the pain getting on the other side is where you need to be because it does help but it does help it helps you get better
Kasper F.
Anyone can stretch for pain relief. It can also serve as a pain prevention before the day begins to loosen up and be mobile throughout the day.
Stretching for pain relief has worked in my life and I know that it’s helped in others as well!
Myrtle F.
Yes, I stretch to release my back, which stiffens up during the day and can sometimes just ‘go’, which is both very painful and inconvenient. Since I started doing a short stretching routine before bed (minimum 5 mins, max 10), I’ve been sleeping better and had none of the back problems. Am also way more flexible.
Cody Q.
Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing it is gonna help in different ways. I really struggle with back pain at times, especially after hours of sitting in a chair studying or working, and I found that some stretching during the evening really loosens me up
Rebecca O.
Yes it does because it can relieve it and just stretch to relieve it and don’t go where you feel pain. Back out of a stretch if you feel pain.
Louisa T.
I deal with constant pain from a pulmonary embolism that damaged my entire left side, so badly I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted powered by an implanted battery that charges through my skin. All of that just means that I have had to creatively reimagine new avenues to stretch and exercise. Modified yoga is the best thing I have found and there are plenty of videos online!
Ramon O.
I stretch for pain relief and it works for me. Also, I know this may sound crazy, but make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Many of us are mildly dehydrated. Aim to drink at least a half gallon of water daily. I bought a dedicated water container to force myself into awareness of my water intake.