Any tips for injury prevention for stretching when you’re hyper flexible?

Th O Y.
Try stretching slowly and if possible rub your legs for a few minutes before starting the stretch to warm up the area. This works for me!

Kathy Z.
Start off small. Little movement that slowly progress into bigger ones.
Never overwork yourself! 5 minutes of progressive stretching is enough. Hyper flexibility can be annoying when stretching, so always be aware of your limits. Don't try to stretch to hard or too far, that can damage your muscles, especially with hyper flexibility.

Rafael Y.
Yes. You need to build muscle mass and strength so that your muscles will keep your body where it needs to be rather than hyper tending – of course you also need to consciously keep your body from hyperextending at the same time , but strong muscles will help you. To achieve this, do strength-training exercises in the all the muscle groups – hips are very important to keep legs and feet aligned where you want them, back muscles are also very important, and all the “ core”muscles. Do Pilates to strengthen these muscles. You can find the specific exercises online.