Dose any one have a really good stretching routine, because I would really like one but I have not found any really good ones that I can do at home.

Edna T.
My routine is as follows:
Lying down
Bring one leg up to your chest (like the foetal position) and hold it for 15 seconds
Then do the other and repeat that 4 times
Then do both at the same time and hold that for 30
Then do hamstring stretches twice on each leg
Then, keeping your knees together, twist them to each side- keeping your shoulders flat, once each side

Sat up
Cross your legs, put one arm on the opposite knee and the other behind you, and twist your body slowly; do this twice on each side
Then, put your arms to your side and put one of your ears onto your shoulder, relaxing the opposite shoulder so you feel that stretch in your neck
Then arc one of your hands over your head like a ballet move (dont know how to describe it)
Catback x 2
Chest forwards x 2

Then for standing, because its cold I don't do many, but I usually do
Cow pose
Child Pose
Low cobra
Sun salutation
-Twice each