What stretches are good for neck pain?

Arianna A.
Downward dog yoga position, slowly rotating/rolling your neck 360 degrees. Start with chin down to chest, imagine rolling chin to right ear, then roll chin up to the ceiling, then roll over to the left ear, and finally roll back down to chest. Repeat slowly at least 3 times, or until tightness has diminished.
Polda P.
Well I try to move my head right and left, up and down and then I make a circle. After that I move my shoulders up and down. That is what works sometimes for me!
Edith O.
Draw the head back and up, as though a string is attached to your head and being pulled up towards the ceiling. Relax and repeat gently and slowly 5 times. Next, again draw your head back and up then roll your neck vertebrae by vertebrae down until your chin is close to your chest. Roll it back up to the original position. Relax and repeat 5 times 🙂
Luenem Q.
Bow tie pose, interlace fingers at the base of your spine, allow the elbows to drop forward, and round your spine. Gently sway side to side