Is 5 minutes really enough time to build any results?

Katherine N.
If youre doing 5 min a day, 7 days a week, thats 35 min a week. Something is always better than nothing, even if its only small. Youll build confidence and be able to do more over time.
Valentin E.
Yes! Change won't ever happen if you don't start, and it's better to walk before you run! 5 minutes, every day can make change and a big difference in your life.
Liz Y.
I find that having a plan of 'at least 5 minutes' is perfect – at worst, I did 5 minutes that I would not have done otherwise. At best, I get to the 5 and just carry on because I am in the zone!
Dave S.
Yes even if you start out little, you inch your way up slowly and eventually you’ll get there. Remember patience is key!