Is it good to keep changing exercises for the neck?

Jonas C.
Switching up exercise and stretching routines is a good and healthy thing to do! Once your body does not feel any challenge from an exercise routine, it is time to try something new! This goes for any part of the body, including the neck 🙂
If you have special needs for stretching or exercising (like physical therapy), always check with a professional before changing things and trying something that may cause harm to you.
Alexander J.
I'm not really the person to ask as I dont know to much about exercise, BUT the internet of course does exist and I'm sure you'll find some great and helpful advice on there! Sorry if this isnt much help but just know that im rooting for you and I know you'll accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself! The best of luck fellow user!
Maycee C.
Yes, you need to continue switching up your exercise routines about every 3-5 weeks because your body begin to get used to it. Switching your exercise routines will further your progress. 🙂