My question is, does stretching help you to be more flexible?and what if we don’t have time to sterch?, does it affect our health?.

Tyrone U.
It absolutely does. Everything I do on the mat becomes a tool that I can use off the mat. By stretching everyday, I’m encouraging every other aspect of my being to grow and stretch with me.
Rick G.
I’m hoping to be a dancer so streching is vital. I also consistently weight train. If you are consistent and push yourself slightly you can certainly get more flexible
Larry C.
Yes it does, it stretches and improves your muscles and I believe in the long run it affects our health drastically more then we realize. Even taking 1 minute to stretch. I do it while my dogs take their morning pee and poo. Find a time that works and do it.
Tim A.
I find if I don't do stretching exercise regularly that I start to get stiff and have aches and pains. Not just physically but mentally too. Stretching frees up my mind as well as my body.
Alma P.
Hi. So far I haven’t found any benefit of stretching but I’m keeping at it just because I think I should have started long ago. I always find time to stretch. Thanks!
David W.
Stretching makes you more flexible and helps keep stiffness at bay. I think everyone can find 5 minutes a day to stretch.
Sara Y.
Stretching seems like something not important but it helps a lot
First of all you can’t not have time to stretch,you can stretch while walkingvdown the stairs
Or making breakfast
And it helps because you will feel more active;imagine it like this,when you stretch you allow your body to know thatit’s now awake and you push anything that’s sleeping
So if you stretch you will be more active during the day and get stuff done faster!
Ashley F.
Stretching gives better overall results and prevents injuries during training, and suffering after it! It can relax you into exercise mode and be part of your start up ritual, and I definitely see it as a bonus relaxation period after I have forged the time for my workout. For me it's a mini celebration as I stretch and listen to great music!! I'm here, I did it!
Lauren C.
Yes but you need to stretch specifically for flexibility in order for your flexibility to improve.

Otherwise even regular stretching keeps your blood flowing and keeps the range of motion that you have.

Lenita Q.
It does help. Consistent stretching improves flexibility. If you do not stretch, you will be less flexible. When I do not have time to set aside for a session of stretching, I try to do brief stretches whenever I think about it. I stretch my legs while I'm sitting at my desk at work, or do a quick stretch of my arms when I get up to get some coffee or use the restroom.
Ugo Q.
Yes. Sometimes, we might accidentally pull a muscle even while doing mundane everyday things, so better not let our body stay stiff. Stretch!
Tessa E.
Not really, it only helps you stay fit and upto date with relieving your muscles off contractions.

Stay a day without stretching will not affect your health but might make your day bored.

Anice O.
Loosening up my back and hips is going to be central to a healthier, happier body going forward. Just being present, breathing, consciously not looking at my phone or TV is such a good micro break in the evening, and it's truly the best way to start my day!
Same U.
Yes, I believe stretching is important for us to do to gain better flexibility. By elongating the muscles you warm the body in preparation for exercise and can help keep injury to a minimum.
Herv S.
Yes, it helps tremendously. Done properly, it also helps lubricate the lining of ones muscles. It is shown to support health. Stretching doesn’t require a dressout or over two minutes. Breathe into it. With illnesses such as MS if one doesn’t continue stretching, they will discontinue walking and mobility. It requires so little yet gives so much. Get your kids or parents or anyone you love to join in. It’s so easy to make a habit. Do it daily for two weeks and it will be a natural thing to do.
Dantela F.
Yes stretching makes me super flexible….i mean im already pretty naturally flexible, however daily stretching makes it even more so.