in your experience have you found that one minute several times a day is enough to create a lasting change in flexibility for very tight muscles?

Mia T.
I would recommend stretching for about 10 minuters 2 times a day (ones in the morning and then again in the eavning). Just listen to your body how far to go, and breathe deeply to let go of tention and stress🙏🏼😊
Buffy T.
I have found it much easier to do several 1 minute stretch sessions spread throughout the day to ease stiffness from sitting.
Jamie U.
Actually I don't know how to do stretching so I do it in my own way which I think isn’t good so I want you you guys to help me give some tips and exercises
Buffy T.
Absolutely, it's easy to fit in and regular 1 minute stretches throughout the day stop work-related stiffness setting in
Rolando Q.
Yes, as long as I keep up with stretching a little bit every day, and moving my shoulders, neck, and stretching my thigh muscles… I’ve found that over time they are not as tight or burn as much. But when I’m not consistent, a minute stretch does not do much in the long run.