Is there any stretch exercise I can do in my bed? Sometimes I forget stretching before I go to bed.

Christoffer Y.
Yes. You can stretch your quadriceps one at a time by laying on your side, holding the leg touching the bed at a 90 degree angle to your torso, and then pulling the foot on the opposite leg back behind you. Hold for 30-45 seconds and then switch sides.

Ray F.
There’s a few. Reclined pigeon is a good one.
You can also reach around and grab your foot and stretch your quads, and raise you leg in the air for hamstring stretches.
One other is to hang the keg over the side of the bed for the psoas, but it’s you’re very tall and touch the floor it doesn’t work well.

Harold W.
Lift your arms upwards and stretch x10
Make circles with your arms outstretched x10
Roll your head and shoulders x10
Side stretching with the opposite arm x10
Always deep breathing and hold breath for count of 10 and exhale for the count of 10 at the end of your routine

Clara Z.
Of course!
My favorites are Child’s Pose, Cobra, Downward Dog, the Knee stretch where you lie on your back and take turns pulling a knee to your chest, and then another good leg stretch is seeing how close you can get your leg (completely straightened) to your head. I can only get about to my stomach!

Christoffer W.
For bed, I love 2 exercises. 1) Cat-Cow: go on knees and hands, bend your back up to the ceiling and look down, then look up and bend your back the other way. Slowly, a few times. 2) Crocodiles: lay on your back with legs stretched out, then bend your right knee and place your right foot on your left knee. Let your right knee fall towards the left side, look to the right side with arms stretched out. Hold, then switch sides.

Jeffrey P.
Of course! Move your head from side to side, but let each side rest on your shoulder for about 2-3 seconds, do this 3-4 times… you can bring your knee to the closest as you can from your chin, do this several times holding one knee at a time for about 4 seconds.. and there you go! Have a great night. Much love

Alicia F.
Supine twists are great for your lower back and easy to do in bed. Hug both knees to your chest, then spread your arms out to either side. Slowly drop your knees to the left as you turn your head to the right, keeping your right shoulder pressed against the bed. Take 4 or 5 slow, deep breaths before returning to center (bring your head up before your knees). Repeat on the other side, lowering your knees to the right and looking to your left, keeping your left shoulder on the bed. After 4 or 5 slow, deep breaths, return to center.

If you want to keep going – straighten your right leg, hugging your left knee toward your chest. Keep your back as flat as possible, and your hips square. Relax in to the stretch with slow, deep breaths. Repeat on the other side, hugging the right knee toward your chest and straightening your left leg.

All movements should be slow and calm to help these postures/stretches relax you before sleep.

Greg Rio Z.
There are a multitude of videos on YouTube of 10 minute pre bed stretching routines / pre bed yoga – watch and select you favourite moves to make your own personalized routine or simply follow the video yourself

Ticira Q.
I really love this bedtime stretching routine by Cassey Ho (Blogilates)! She designed it specifically for doing the stretches on your bed. Check out the video!