If ju can’t get a pose done correctly, do you skip it or do you keep trying every day? If so, how do you treat your self when you make it/don’t make it? Why?

Renuka O.
I get frustrated but I keep trying to do it every other day. Because practicing does help. For example, I couldn’t plank before but now it’s much easier for me.
Taimara S.
I have a hard time doing splits when I'm just a beginner in my martial arts class. Every day before getting up, I'm stretching my body on my bed and doing splits again and again, now that I've perfected it I'm helping people in my team who find it hard to it on their own by assisting them so they get the right pose and avoid fracturing or dislocating their bones and cramping up their muscles. I treat myself with double the food I always take and another 10 minutes in bed just to rest my swollen muscles.
Adrian B.
I don’t skip a pose. I modify it (nearly all poses can be modified for those of us who are rusty or need to be careful due to injury.) Sometimes I replace a pose (if I slept weird and need to stretch a different part of my body, or if the one before just feels like I need to do it longer.) By modifying or replacing, I still feel accomplished and my stretch flow isn’t interrupted. Hope this helps!
Margot Y.
You keep practicing the pose. Your mind always is always assessing if you do the pose correctly. You can use the pose as a mindfulness practice and non attachment to the thoughts.
Marta Z.
I keep trying, but I search for some videos to learn how to do it right. I don't treat myself with anything. If I eventually do it, that's of course nice, but if not I will still try the next day. And my prize is satisfaction from not giving up.
Roger S.
Keep going. Once you write down your goals, your system, and the way you want to live your life, you know what’s good for you. Your thoughts will go against your plan many times. Let them go. Adversities will appear on the way. Face them. Be proud of taking action even if the outcome is not the desired one. Unexpected obstacles will rise. And you will frequently fall. Just get back on the horse and keep riding. Don’t accumulate guilt and worries and whatifs. Accumulate your lessons learned and your wins.
Katie F.
I would/ do keep trying every day. If you make it, celebrate! You just accomplished something! If you don’t try to find one thing you did better and use it to keep you motivated to see that you keep on moving forward . You can also try finding two things that you did better than yesterday and one thing that you think you could improve on tomorrow.
Marta Z.
If I feel I didn't get the pose right I try to find a detailed video of it and then try to correct mistakes, so the next time I will do it properly.