What stretches do you do?

Maycee C.
I'm in ballet so I follow a ballet stretch list-
Angelina C.
Since I am very stiff and am working on changing that as a long term goal, I do a very thorough routine stretching just about every muscle I can find. The 10-minute routine on Fabulous was a great start for me, and then I turned to YouTube for more ideas!
Rita S.
Right and left lunges, frontal lunge for quads, face downward stretches , sun salutations, mountain pose, cow and cat poses and planks so far. Plan to add to these with floor stretches as well.
Lanie W.
I like to hold my arm behind my head bent at the elbow and slowly stretch my entire body in the same direction, I roll my head, and I've also been really liking the butterfly stretch and lunges.