Does it matter how much time you spend on stretching?

Aracely T.
I usually stretch between 5-10 mins because if you stretch for 1 min or 2 what's the point? I guess I see it like that..
Foley S.
It doesn’t matter, but it does make a difference. A little movement and stretching is a great way to mentally break up the day. But the longer you stretch the better your body will feel and the healthier you will be.
Stephanie J.
For me, I had to stop beating myself up for not doing it long enough. Some days I can do a full hour yoga, most days just 30m. But if I wasnt feeling like 30m, I'd avoid the mat all together. Then I decided just ARRIVING on my mat was the win. Whether I stayed there 2 minutes, or 29, I honored that commitment and DID SOMETHING. Just do it! P.s. today was a 2 minute day. And that's OK!
Juan F.
I think it does. The more stretching, the more warm and energized your body will be throughout the day. However, it's good to start small if you're not ready to take a leap into long stretching times.
Marialba Q.
Well… yes. It still feels good if you do it short but if you actually want to get more flexible you want to hold each stretch for at least 45 seconds.
Jenna P.
Only if you want to do anything else that day. I don't think you can over stretch. I stetch so my arthritic joints don't freeze in place.
Yuri L.
Yes, i would like to set a specific part of my body and focus on it for stretching and workout, so it does vary and matter
Emily O.
Not for me it doesn't. I do a minimum of 1 minute but usually end up doing about 5 minutes. It just feels good!! Sometimes it turns into a 30 minute Yoga session😌
Dixi O.
Just stretch and hold the stretch until you feel like that is long enough you don't want to rush stretching so I would holding each stretch for 20-50 seconds
Allan E.
Yes it does. Usually in the morning the stretching is done in 5 minutes as I have to get ready to go to work. But in the evening, while watching tv I do streching for longer time and after un number of days I felt the difference in my body, it became more flexible and less stiff.
Paula T.
I spend about 3min stretching during the morning. I started this year. It’s the very first thing when I wake up. I don’t know what would be the recommended time, but I can garantee you I notice a lot of change already in my flexibility, as well as a sense of caring for myself before rushing through errands.
Jessica U.
Ideally if you can spend a solid 20 mins that's when you get much more benefit for your body. But I think remembering to stretch a bit throughout the day is better sometimes and gives you little excuses to get up and remember to be in your body and present is even nicer.
Zaide S.
GOOD QUESTION BUT I DON’t think so because it is very important to take up to a ten minute break per hour for reactivating a body in deep work of any kind even driving!! I think over years this has been revised to five minutes per sixty minutes….
Lior P.
Yes. Even a short time is good, but the more you stretch, the more satisfied you feel. Stretching makes you feel your muscles and release tension or pain. There are many kinds of stretching and a lot of muscles to stretch. If you take more time for stretching, you can experience more of your body and feel better.