How many days a week do you stretch?

Carl Z.
Daily but trying to get into a three times a day work out routine so trying to lengthen stretch routine. I meditate with it.
Charline U.
I spend about 2-3 minutes every morning doing what I call wake up stretches. It help get the blood moving and wake me up. I also stretch for 15-20 minutes after my runs 3x a week and after my strength training 3x a week.
Lucy P.
I do stretch 7 days a week , because it's very important for me because I also make athletics of performance and I'm in the national te-am , so , for me it's very important for nu muscles to stay active all the time , I also workout and meditate and make massage with oil for muscles for relaxim my muscles !
It's very important to make sport , maybe I exagerated a little bit but for me it's the Best way to be my Best version !
Tiago S.
Avant je ne le faisais jamais et maintenant ça fait deux jours que je le fais et j’ai vraiment une sensation de bien-être après m’être étirée.