What is the best time for stretching?

Nora W.
I feel like it would be best to stretch anytime of the day like whenever you have time but if you don’t have time maybe in the morning when you first wake up. It will help you wake up, but at anytime of the day it will help relieve stress that you have been having or a little stretch before bed to help you relax. Hope that makes sense.
Rosa Z.
Honestly, any time you transition between tasks. If I were to designate very specific times, I’d say before and after bed.
Jamie Z.
The typical answer would be morning, which is very true, and that’s the first step. It’s very easy and relaxing to do when you’re first waking up. But I also recommend stretching whenever you feel physically awful, like when you’re sick or sore. Of course, always stretch during and after exercise. It only takes a little bit of time, so stretching multiple times a day I found easy, but go at your own pace. Start where you want.
Silke Z.
After being active, however I find a few yoga moves dont require much strain. I have been stretching probably 2-4 times a day recently for about a minute.
Aubrey N.
For me, the ideal time to stretch is in the morning. It helps me ease into the day, prepping my physical and mental flexibility.
Joris Y.
Right when you wake up to be more alert and re align your back and hips. Before bed to calm down and prepare your mind and body. I also like to stretch during my 2:30 pm slump. It wakes me up and helps me finish out my day.
Allan T.
It really depends on when you feel the need to stretch. Before and after workouts is always ideal, but generally speaking, shortly after waking up is best! It helps get you out of bed and circulate your blood a little more.