What exercises are good for the mornings?

August W.
Exercises which are usually good for the morning includes stretching of the arms, shoulders, legs, and stomach. Firstly, begin with clearing the mind from all clutter, i.e to silent the mind. Once this is done and you feel a sense of balance, then begin by doing some yoga stretches. This should take approximately 30 mins. When you are finished, drink a glass of water and relax your mind again. The best time for this morning routine is between 4am-5:30am, it helps you begin your day with a positive attitude which assist in getting things done happily rather than dragging through the day.
Roman E.
Whatever works for you that you will do! I used to run, now I walk briskly. I have the option to go the gym and do the tready or a class, if I feel the weather is really yuck. The best exercise is the one you will actually do, and it might vary depending on how you feel, wha else you have on your plate. Maybe morning isn’t your time but, for me, I get an energy boost first thing from exercise. If I put it off until later in the day, I inevitably find reasons not to do it. Just get moving!
Daniel Z.
A 2km run after waking up would be a good one. It trains us to wake up early, and increase body strength, so that you would have a great morning start!
Debbie C.
Stretches are good for waking up the body. Light push ups, sit ups and squating are good for increasing your blood flow, nourishing your body with oxygen.
Darciela I.
There are so many options and it truly depends on what you are looking for? Weight loss? Stamina? Revitilization? Running, swimming and yoga, respectively are solid choices. Find what is right for you! Every other day, I box for 45 mins to build core and arm strength and it is different every day as I build up my tolerance for hitting a bag and non stop movement.