What type of stretch can I do with standing?

Nicholas C.
I usually Bend over and rehang my body. And take deep breathes and every put breath relax a little more. This stretches my back and loosens my spine( I even get cracking which feels soooo good) this also stretches your hamstrings 🙂

Cl Mence U.
Stand on tip toes for 5 seconds, then stand on heels for 5 seconds. Put hands on waist and bend to the left for 5 seconds, then bend to the right for 5 seconds. While standing with feet a bit apart, bend forward to try to rest your hands on the floor in front of you. Cross your legs and do the same. Cross your legs with your other leg in front and bend forward again. Stretch your arms straight up over your head. Then bend one arm behind your head and grab your elbow with your opposite hand, stretch. Do the same with the opposite arm.

Vicki P.
There are a buck of stretches you can do. Strait down, side to side, bending one leg up, arm stretch’s as well and any upper body stretch for that matter

Mikkel Z.
Bend from the waist, fold your hands by grasping opposite elbows. Lean as far forward as you can, keeping your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart. Press down into your heels while you bend forward.

Janna F.
One easy stretch to do while standing is to stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder-length apart and reach down to one leg, then reach the middle, and then your other leg. Hold each for about 15 seconds

Cody Y.
You can extend your arms above your head, and slowly as you exhale stretch to one side. Then reset to arms lifted above your head and stretch to the other side. This one is simple but so opening.

Sel Sio F.
You can stretch your quad by holding your foot behind you, or bending over to touch the floor and stretch your hamstrings.