Do you follow a certain set routine when doing your stretch session? From this site or another app or made up by yourself?

Isidor Y.
During the stretch session I follow a video on YouTube called The 5-minute Full Body Stretch, aswell as adding in a couple of my own stretches. Would definitely recommend this workout.
Roger U.
If I have some spare time, I use a timer to make sure I hold each position at least for 1 minute, and stretch everything stating from my head and going through the rest of the body until I get to stretch my calves and feet.
If I am in a hurry, I just stretch the areas that feel sore (usually neck and shoulders) for a couple of minutes.
For the exercises, YouTube has many good suggestions.
Silke B.
I don't have a set routine. I just kind if let my body move and hold for a few seconds once it feels right before moving into the next stretch.
Billy R.
I follow the 10-min stretch from the app, with a couple modifications for my back issues. I do it first thing out of bed in the AM — even if it’s a day I’m not exercising right away, as usual. It’s just gets me ready to face the day, it energizes me, and with the app, I don’t have to think about which stretches to do.
Emily W.
I do; it’s a Pilates daily routine, and also included a few yoga poses. I also like to do a Callenetics routine along with yoga poses
I add a series of reps push ups, sit ups and squats