What’s a quick stretch routine (less than 10 minutes)?

Cameron P.
on your bed, bring your knees towards your torso like a baby for a while.
then make one leg stretched on the bed and the other one towards your torso. repeat with the other leg.
cat pose.
cobra pose.

Rachel R.
Stretch while still in bed. Just right when you’re waking up. Then stepping out stretch some more by touching your toes, reaching for your back, stretching your neck side to side and stretching out your toes.

Nascimento F.
From head to toes or from toes to head – start stretching every part of body, nice to stretch arms and legs symetricaly

Savannah N.
Just do some ‘short’ stuff, like stretching your neck, shoulders and back. If you don’t want to spend much time on it just bend forward/backward as far as you can and you streched your back, for your shoulders just make some movements like see how far your shoulder can touch your back or something like that for your neck, just love it around you know

Sheila I.
The seated leg stretch is a good way to start stretching; where you sit down, legs straight and reach down and touch your toes (or as far as you can go), the side stretch is another good one – standing up you raise either arm (leaving your free arm to your side) and stretch it over your head towards your opposite side for a few seconds, then doing the same with the other arm. Repeat for 10 or more turns. I found lots of videos on youtube that have stretch routines varying from 5 to 10 minute routines that have helped a lot, and will go into different ways of being able to perform or change these if you’re differently abled or working up to becoming fitter too!