Do you find it’s easier to stretch in the morning right after you wake up or at night before bed?

Wenke Z.
Morning. Though I should probably be doing both. But I tend to sleep in odd positions which can make me stiff when I wake up.
Emma Z.
Yes i think stretching in the morning is better you start your day with a great power and your muscles also relaxed and you can also have a workout at the night so you have a certain routine that is so easy to do and not stress you
Cora F.
I find that stretching in the morning is easier, but I do believe stretching at night can be better because your body has been busy all day. So you need to stretch out those long walks, work schedules or even school days.
Carolyn Z.
I try to stretch at both times of the day but I like to sleep in as much as possible and also like to stay up later so I find it easier at night to focus and stretch properly.