If you will recommend 10 minutes stretching exercises every day, which ones would you recommend?

Jonathan E.
I tend to do stretching taken from typical exercise routines and a yoga sub salutation order. From standing with hands stretching upward, complete all arm and neck stretching, continue to a spine stretch to sitting positions, do leg and back stretches sitting into another spine stretch coming back up to standing. I finish with an upward stretch into the sky welcoming the day.

Alma U.
The exercise that comes with this program minus one's that are to much for people with knee problems. The planks were not good on my knees

Elenise Q.
Ones I find most helpful are yoga stances – Warrior pose, Sun Salutation and Downward Dog, as well as any that involve lying on your back, therefore keeping your spine neutral (I wouldn’t be able to describe these properly).

Alyssa N.
I recommend listening to your body and do what you feel you need. Sometimes sitting and intentionally keep the spine and neck long while breathing is enough. Otherwise I focus on what I use the most, my left side gets achy from carrying my 1yo so I give my shoulder, back, hips and groin some attention

Isabella C.
Back stretches for sure. You use your back all day non-stop regardless of the task so stretching this will help ease discomfort throughout the day.

Frida J.
I’d recommend stretching one’s neck, upper and lower back, hamstrings and hip reflectors. Shoulder and chests as well

Troy S.
I would recommend the 10 minute stretching exercises under the make me fabulous tab in this app.

Stephanie F.
It depends on the day ahead of you. For a physically demanding day I recommend doing a short routine which warms up all the muscles that will be in use. Even if it's just chores, a light stretch goes a ĺong way preventing avoidable injury. Look into some beginner yoga routines.

Nicklas B.
I would recommend anything to move your joints and loosen your back. My back always feels tense and locked up when I first wake up. I think it wakes me up more to and makes me more inclined to move around and get active.

Christine G.
Cat-Cow and cobra positions are good ones if you have an office job. It stretches your back quite nicely.

Amy J.
Just breathing or stretching. I like to focus on my back shoulders and neck to help with tension headaches. I also like doing a quick yoga routine.

Candice F.
Side stretches
Forward bends
Neck rolls
Shoulder rolls
I like to do gentle yoga stretches particularly in the morning and use some YouTube videos.
The sun salutation sequence is good too especially if you go slowly and keep your muscles active.

Marion L.
Arms raised, reaching side to side, bending the waist, holding the pose on each side for at least ten seconds.

Kazim G.
I’m not an expert on physical exercises. However, I used to be a contortion artist when I was younger at a circus, and stretching was a huge portion of my routine. The ones that I focused on was breathing through stretching my hamstrings, going further each breath. Another was stretching forward and backwards around my hips. My spine is still supple from those days. I can still do the back-bend from upright standing position, and do breathing exercises and this is now 30 years later of fairly inactive life and being overweight today. Cats don’t work out except for occasional sprints and lots of stretching. We could learn from that.

Ella T.
I would recommend a good full body stretch before you take on the day. After coming home from work or school I would definitely say that you should stretch your legs and back after sitting the whole day. At night, I just stretch what feels good before slipping into bed.

Morgane O.
It's definitely better to stretch the whole body than just individual parts, therefore I recommend a full body stretch routine. There are several 10-15min follow-along routines on youtube. I feel particularly attracted to the videos of Saturno Movement, as they combine the practices of yoga and calisthenics. Yoga is a great way to start the day, as it focusses a lot on breathing, stretching, and flow of movement.

Pedro O.
I pull my knee up to my chest and hold it for a few minutes, and then I do the other side. Then I do the same thing but cross my leg at the ankle and pulling up the opposite knee for a cross legged stretch. Then I stretch my lower back by bending one leg and bringing it across my body and holding my arms out flat like a t and looking the opposite way that I'm twisting my body. And then I do the child's pose stretch, from yoga.

Isaltino A.
Win Hof stretching of course! breathe in Foley in Fogus on the tens area, for me it’s usually my shoulders and back, and stretch the area with for focus for 20 seconds then release the breathe while continuing the stretch. Was never into stretching until I discovered it$

Marion O.
I use a wall. First I stand with either hand on the wall shoulder height and walk forward so my arm is behind me stretching my shoulders. I will face the wall and walk downward to stretch my back and legs without bending my knees. I use rollers as well on back and legs. Neck stretches are important to me cause I get a stiff neck.

L Onie U.
I like doing yoga poses and sun salutations. Dog & cobra, also cat and tiger to warm up. Triangle, half moon, and some back stretches and twists. Butterfly as well 😊 those are the ones I always do.

Ian P.
Neck circles, shoulder shrugs,
Arms circles, wrist circles, hip rotations, touch toes, knee bends, foot rotations, knee to elbows.

Yanis S.
Well, i really want to ask the difference among stretching and Yoga. How do they work with oir muscles tension and how effective are for stress and selfesteem empowerment?

Gunda C.
It’s good advice to focus your stretching on the muscles where you feel the most tension or restriction of movement, and find videos or diagrams of simple, repetitive stretches for those areas of your body like side stretches, shoulder rolls, and touching your toes.
For me, I tend to hunch over my desk so I always need to stretch my neck and shoulders. When I’m running, I feel tension in my hamstrings from a former injury, and my lower back.
Remember to stay hydrated too! Best wishes 🙏🏼

Ernesto G.
I would tell them to stretch their whole body and focus on one area and make it lower and further each time. modify if you have to. Use props to help you do a stretch even if it's not the one pictured.

Dusan S.
I recommend focusing on your glutes, hamstrings, and quads primarily in your stretching — that's what seems to be the tightest for me when I wake up and that tightness flowd through the rest of my body to make me feel groggy and stiff. For my posterior chain, I'll start by sitting cross-legged and lean over each of my legs for 30 seconds, and then lean over the space between them. Then I'll stand, reach to the sky to stretch my upper back a bit, and then go into a kneal or a pigeon pose to stretch my quads.

Br Ulio G.
I would do a pipe position because it would help your legs,arms,and back.
Also you can stand up and stretch to the side with your arms trying to reach the floor.

Virgil J.
If only spending 10 min to stretch you should focus on full body stretches. Start at the To stretching your neck, then shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. Stretching your feet helps prevent plantar fasciitis!

Kristina P.
I use this: https://youtu.be/KJaWIBg15n0, it's excellent for a full session, makes you supple and limber, and feels like a boost in your get-up-and-go

Pri O Z.
30+ seconds for every one, doing both sides twice, one after the other.

Hug 1 knee to opposite shoulder & twist towards same side as the knee that’s up twisting low back & torso. Repeat both sides
Arm in a door way to stretch chest & upper arm muscles. Repeat both sides
Ear to shoulder to stretch side neck muscles.
Bend over & touch your toes hanging weight of head & arms down to stretch back & neck. Repeat while reaching over to one side then repeat again to the other.
Captain Morgan’s pose on chair/step/stool & lower leg back, pushing hips down & forward to stretch hip flexors of lower/back leg. Repeat both sides.

Frederica Z.
for me, I've had to take some vocal therapy to help my vocal cords. So the stretches that help me the most are going to be focused on her shoulders and the neck. I turn my head to one side in plain, and repeat a few times, then I do shoulder rolls, then I massage my neck a little bit, and then I stretch my arms behind me

Eva G.
I pause and go to a quick YouTube video I set up. You can chose from so many 'ten minute' or shorter videos that suit you best and once you have done it over a couple of days you will know them off by heart. Then I tick it off on the Fab app.

Cl Mence Q.
I would recommend toe touches (straight on and opposite hand opposite foot), side bends, quad stretches, hamstring stretches, calf stretches, iliotibial band stretches, biceps stretches, triceps stretches, trap stretches, lat stretches, ab stretches and neck stretches with a few dynamic stretches to get the blood pumping.

Maria P.
I would recommend completing the sun salutation yoga sequence. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube has a great sequence for beginners that is about 10min long. It will get you warmed up and stretch out tight shoulder and back muscles, as well as giving you space to breathe.

Silje W.
My legs need the most stretching I have a tight IT band and need to do stretches to avoid knee problems. I usually start with SMR/foam roller on calves, hamstring, glutes, quads, low back and IT band. I then do static stretches targeting the same muscles.

Silas N.
When I stretch, I work on flexibility in different areas at different points in time. In the morning, a five minute routine full body stretch is helpful to get you going. At night, individual stretching, like focusing on what hurts after the day or working on doing the splits for five minutes, depending on what needs attention that day.

Charlotte P.
Sun salutations and movements that work with your inner thighs and knees

Lorenzo T.
Hamstring stretch, oblique stretch, calf stretch, triceps stretch, lower back stretch

Ivan J.
Something similar to Yoga’s sun salutation, with some extra stretches. Hands against the wall, one leg in front and bent, one behind and straight – calf stretch. Sat (then lying down) on the floor toes touching knees out and pressed to the ground.

Isabella C.
I would stretch out my hips down to my toes. Only because I’m going to be working them all day so I will need to prepare them. But then I would stretch out my wrists and back and shoulder only because I use those all day. And roll out the neck. It is the most important part.

Jordan T.
Up to the sky, down to your toes, over to the side and then to the other side. Twist your back and just really stretch every part you can, like you're pulling yourself up.

Hannah C.
I prefer strethching my hands and legs so you could do some lounges a bit of jumping jacks hip streches there good for you I do these everyday especially before getting into actual work out . Hope this helps 😃😄

Sofie W.
Hip stretches and lower back stretches for those who sit at work.

Bill F.
Warrior, reverse warrior and extended side angle are great and work in a sequence. Half moon is very challenging especially just going into it, side angle is safer and still gives a good stretch. Triangle is also a good stretch. Then the twisting sitting yoga stretches are really good.

Waltraud O.
The Engine 2 stretches that books is by Rip Essylstein and had these in there. 1-swan dive then kicking toe touch. 2. Turnabouts, side stretch. 3. Hip rotation, arm circles (both directions)

Ilan U.
Hamstring, glute, spine twist, hip opener and shoulder/chest. 30 seconds on each side

Sebastian E.
I've been working with a chiropractor who taught me a "wall glide" stretch, which has been amazing for reducing the number of headaches I get. While that's not 10 consecutive minutes, I do 10 full minutes throughout the day!

Chiara T.
Cat cow, downward dog, butterfly,