How do you motivate yourself to stretch instead of sleeping, and are you more flexible after a certain amount of time?

Cl O Y.
I never shorten my sleeping time to stretch but I'm lucky to have enough time. I think it definitely pays off to find time to stretch every day. I feel stiffness in my body if I don't and I'm definitely way more flexible than how I was before. It's way easier to injure yourself in any activity if you don't stretch, even if it's just cleaning the house. Stretching makes your muscles be ready for whatever you have to do throughout the day.
Ruben S.
It improves your energy, blood flow, oxygen, etc. it is awesome for your body. It also gives you a relax and destress moment. You do get more flexible the more you do it.
Alma U.
I stretch the second I get out of bed before doing anything else. I notice less cracking in my bones the more I do it and I find it easier to start moving to start the rest of my morning once I feel a little looser and get the blood flowing
Karla X.
More flexible defiantly! It happens quite quickly I find, you can see you get a little bit closer to touching your toes while standing every day:)
Put your feet on the floor when you wake up. Just try it, it realy helps
Waltrud T.
As long as you get out of bed it’s fine. Dont think, just do. And sure, you need to stay consistent, but there indeed a positive change.
Sam P.
My body hurts when I get up in the morning, even gentle stretching while still in the bed helps me. My motivation is remembering how I felt just 5 years ago; full of energy. I want good health and I know exercise is a big part of that
J Rgen X.
I have a hard time sleeping, so stretching before bed has become a really nice night time ritual. On nights I want to just get in bed, I don't such as long, but always include hips, legs, shoulders and chest. This actually helps signal my body that it's time for rest and loosen me up from the day. More than a feeling of increased flexibility or deeper stretching (which I do feel), I find my body just feels more loose and I notice less tightness or aches building up.
Nalmir Q.
I am highly motivated to strech and become flexible. I think flexibility is incredibly feminine, feels wonderful and good for you.
Some day i will be able to do a split
Jackie U.
You should have a mind to be active in the morning. Stretching is a tool. Subjectively, flexibility seems to have a great influence on age.
Philip O.
I found stretching makes my sleep better and more consistent, so it’s worth the 5 (max 10) minutes I make for it. Definitely more flexible over time, but I found the biggest change was in the first week or two. I started stretching before bed to try and get a regular stretch for my back. Now that seems like it’s pretty good, but I’m still doing the routine for the sleep and structure.
Meinrad U.
To be honest, the thing that motivates me is that I actually feel really refreshed after stretching! My limbs just feel more loose after a long day once I stretch. Also, my flexibility pretty much remains the same, and I’m not very flexible.