How do you know when you’re starting to over stretch?

Susan Z.
I have pain that continues long after my yoga session. Sometimes it hurts during the session and I just breathe into it and it’s ok. When it goes on afterwards I know I have to ease off next time.

Rachel O.
When it starts to not feel good. The goal of stretching is to enrinch your body & mind, which can't happen if you're starting to hurt!

Damien Z.
Stretch until you feel tension in your muscles then hold it for 20s. It shouldn't feel painful just tense. If you feel a sharp or stabbing pain you are overstretching!

Charlie N.
If you feel any pain that doesn’t seem right I would stop. When you stretch you need to just feel your body getting looser. You will feel a stretch though, while stretching that is the whole point, but if it ever turns into pain stop and you can stretch other parts of your body and return to that won’t with someone light stretching. Have a great day hope this helps !