How do you motivate yourself to do exercise when you’re not motivated to do so

Rh P.
1. I remind myself that doing exercises is very important to health. Exercises help me keep good posture as well as a metabolism. They can save big money for medical appointments.
2. I told myself if I do it every day I can prove and persuade myself that I am persistent, which is very difficult for everyone. And I did I it!!
If I can overcome myself, I can do anything.
3. I do not care if there is any motivation at all, just do it. Once I start doing it, the motivation issue is gone.

Dogan J.
i’m on a cross country team and so i think “if i don’t run today i will fall behind my teammates”, so i run. it’s all about competition so get a friend to compete you with and it will keep you honest to your training schedule

Nat Lia O.
Watch workout or weight loss video on YouTube, or eat two pieces of biscuits or chocolate before your workout so that you are motivated to lose those calories, or listen to strong music while you are exercising.

Carter T.
I tell myself that exercising is really good for me that I have to do it because it’ll make me feel good and alive, when I’m done with one exercise I will feel good about myself because I’ve done what I wanted to do, that this was the thing I should’ve done but I didn’t and now that I have done it I feel proud of myself knowing I have taken myself a step further to the person I want to be, to be proud of myself to feeling happy and satisfied about myself

Jeanne T.
When I watch others do it, when I start with a small stretch, when I listen to music and when I have nothing else to do.