Could you recommend the best stretches for a sedentary student? I.e tight hamstrings and suffering back

Charlie Z.
Start doing basic stretching then do this
– lunge pulses 15x per leg
-Hold lunge 15 seconds
-splits 10 seconds (go as far as you can) (watch a proper tutorial on stretches for spilts this will stretch legs a lot)
– squat lunge 8x each leg
– hold plank 30 seconds
-mountain climbers 40x
-leg raises 8
Do 3 reps and your good to go
Quentin E.
Start with stretching the right leg while your upper body look like a t- shape and only right leg is extended to the side and almost folded at 90 degree. Now repeat this to the left leg. Repeat this twice.

Then separate legs and extend both arms both sides do it 2wice.

Now do the praying pose where u lie on the ground but your upper body is pointing toward the ceiling like a wolf. Hold it for 30s.
No do a cat stretch for 30s and repeat both 2wice.

Do a half moon on both sides. 2wice.

Stretch right and left legs 2wice.

Do the plank for 30s

Tyler X.
Warm up by, when standing, bringing the heel up to the glutes and back down to the floor, repeatedly. Then find something at about waist height that is stable, like a chair or table, and place your foot on it, with your leg parallel to the ground and straight. Then lean forward and touch your toes.