Do you find it more beneficial to stretch before bedtime or in the morning or are both great times to stretch? And why?

Josane Q.
I’m still trying to work out a good stretching routine, and how to make the most of short, frequent stretching sessions. I have been trying to do this as part of my morning routine as it seems like it could be a natural follow-on from morning exercise. But I’m thinking about switching to the evenings. This is mostly because I find it hard to get moving in the mornings, so I think it’s best if I keep things as simple as possible but I tend to have a bit more energy in the evenings.
Caro N.
A stretch in the morning before exercise does wonders.
At night time I prefer massaging body parts which are tense or do a light stretch to create relaxation.
Brand O Q.
Both times are great! In the morning, stretching helps wake the body up. It helps especially when you feel stiff after waking up. Before bed, it helps relax the body. Going to sleep with stiff or tight muscles isn’t going to give the best sleep.
Sabine F.
I think the morning is an amazing time to stretch because before you go to bed your just gonna get in bed again and get all stiff but when you get up in the morning your going to start a new day so when you stretch in the morning you get your body all flexible to start your day!
M Rcia C.
I find that if you are just looking for a good, casual stretch the morning is best. After you’ve been asleep all night it feels good to let your muscles stretch before the day gets started. However, if you are an athlete or are looking to become more flexible stretching twice a day will give your muscles more time to stretch and your results as an athlete will increase.
Marcus Z.
I would say both are great because in the morning it starts you get ready for the day while doing it at night will help relax to go to sleep
Sofia O.
I stretch both times of the day but I enjoy before bed more than the morning. I feel like my bedtime stretching prepares me for a very restful nights sleep and releases the tension I acquired throughout the day. Hope that helps!
August C.
For me, a stretch before bed as well as after getting out of bed is both as equally beneficial. Whilst in the evenings I feel like stretching helps me ease my body after the stresses of the day, stretching in the morning helps to wake up my system and prepare my body for the day ahead. I definitely would like to continue building this into my routine and make it into a habit.
Matthieu O.
It depends on what you want out of your stretch. Mornings are great for providing energy and preventing cramps and muscle discomfort. Stretching at night is used often for muscle recovery by athletes, it limbers up the muscles as a cool down.
Volkhard E.
I think that morning stretching is the way to go and only stretch in the evening if you have any muscles that are
Cramping up.
L Onard C.
I find it more beneficial to stretch in the morning because sleeping can leave me feeling stiff and the day hasn't started so my muscles aren't warm yet.
Janet F.
I find it more beneficial to stretch in the morning. In the morning, he feel like my body has been resting for some time. I feel like it helps wake me up to get the blood flow pumping through my arms and legs. It also gets me back into my body and ready to start moving. At night, I don’t really see the same benefits to stretching per se—though there are some yoga exercises that are good for sleep.
Oscar B.
Both are great times to stretch. In the morning to get ready for whatever your day might bring, and at night to make sure you're nice and relaxed for a good nights sleep.
Liliano E.
I found stretching before bedtime to be more beneficial. It helps me relax and get some time for myself. Stretching in morning was not so rewarding for me as i was always focused on getting it over with so i can get ready for work. Once I got into the habit my body reacted to it, by taking it as a signal to fall asleep, which in turn helped me fall asleep faster.
C Lian N.
stretching in the morning helps me wake up better and feel more productive, but stretching at night doesn’t do much for me
Ricky J.
I find it beneficial to stretch and bed time and wake up time because it releases tension and relaxes the muscles i think and its good if feeling anxious etc i think ha
Olivia B.
Both. There are morning stretches I do while I get ready for work that energize me and there are yoga poses and stretches I do in bed that calm and center my brain and body to get ready for sleep.
Sarah E.
I usually do a yoga session in the morning which consists of a lot of stretching. It really helps me get my day started and wakes up my body in it easy way before I go into more of my exercise. But I am learning that if I do a two or three minute stretch or even longer at night that I sleep better. I'm also finding that if I do a small little stretch here and there 30 seconds to a minute throughout the day it really helps to make me feel better as well.
Zoe Z.
I need the stretch in the morning as my body has not moved much for the past 8 or so hours. I also need the stretch at night after working hard the whole day. So I believe both times are important.
Bonnie B.
Both. In the morning a good stretch helps you feel awake and alive and ready for the day ahead. Before bed a good stretch eases out all the activity of the day and prepares you for a good nights sleep.
Olivia Z.
Acredito que ambos sejam bons. O de manhã ajuda a aliviar qualquer tensão causada pela má qualidade do colchão e energia para fazer ioga. Antes de dormir é bom para aliviar tensões também.
Allison F.
I personally find early morning stretching more beneficial . It kind of opens up the body and helps start the day actively
Terra J.
I personally believe in stretching both morning and night for best results. A stretch session that gets everything moving in the morning, warms and wakes up the body and fires up the mind; the evening stretch undoes the kinks and knots of the day (from lots of sitting?) and when combined with slow breathing, relaxes and slows the mind down for sleep. Namaste